1. In case you need to cancel your order payment, you can do so without penalty before your eSIM QR code has been delivered to your email. After your eSIM QR code has been delivered, you cannot cancel your payment or can only be refunded if there is any error related to our eSIM, which has been communicated to but cannot be fixed by our Support Team.

2. If you cannot find the eSIM email in your primary inbox, then you should check your Spam box or Promotion box first, after that, you can contact us for further assistance. Your failure to do so will lead to no refund.

3. The refund can be made in the same way as the payment method (e.g. Paypal) that you use to make the order. The process of refunding may take up to 10 business days.

4. In case you experience problems with our services, we will give a refund or change a new eSIM only when the problem has been submitted, verified and not been fixed by our Support Team while you are in the country covered. Our Support team will define the problem to see whether it falls under our responsibility and if applicable, we – canada-esim.com – will process the refund. 

Please note that the request for a refund after you come back to your home country without any confirmation in advance cannot be initiated.