Compares Telus eSIM and prepaid options for tourists to Canada. eSIM allows service on compatible devices without a physical SIM, while prepaid SIMs offer pay-as-you-go and weekly plans for flexibility. Outlines Telus mobile access solutions to suit visitors’ needs and budgets.


1. Quick facts about Telus Canada

Here are some quick facts about Telus Corporation Canada:

  • Largest telecommunications company in Canada: Offers a wide range of services including mobile, internet, TV, and security solutions.
  • Founded in 1983: Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Extensive network: Covers over 99% of Canadians with 4G LTE and growing 5G coverage.
  • Award-winning: Recognized for its network reliability, customer service, and social responsibility initiatives.
  • Key offerings:
    • Mobility: Cell phone plans with various data options and device choices.
    • Internet: High-speed internet plans with fiber optic technology (PureFibre) and cable options.
    • TV: Extensive TV packages with a variety of channels and streaming options.
    • Security: Home and business security solutions including monitoring and automation.
    • Health: Virtual healthcare services through TELUS Health MyCare.
  • Customer service: Available online, through the My TELUS app, or by phone at 1-866-660-6060.

Also, besides monthly plans under the Telus brand, Telus Mobility owns prepaid brands like Public Mobile and Koodo Mobile to appeal to different types of customers. In total, Telus has made itself a leading national wireless provider in Canada through strong coverage and offerings.

Telus Logo
Telus Logo

2. Why Telus When You’re Exploring Canada – Coverage and Speed

When traveling throughout Canada, having reliable cellular service is essential for navigation, emergencies, and staying connected. The following details why Telus is an excellent choice for coverage and speed when exploring Canada.

2.1. Telus Coverage in Canada


Telus has extensive LTE coverage reaching 99% of the population including major cities and small towns.

  • Extensive 4G LTE reaching 99% of Canadians, including major cities, towns, and rural areas.
  • 5G expanding in major centers, currently covering 50+ cities (e.g., Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary).
  • Reliable network with infrequent disruptions across Canada.

In short, Telus offers robust nationwide coverage and a growing 5G network, making it a fantastic option for your Canadian adventure.

2.2. Telus Mobility Speed


Telus has consistently delivered fast LTE speeds across Canada.

  • 4G LTE: Av. downloads 60-90 Mbps (populated areas), 10-30 Mbps (rural areas).
  • 5G: Typical speeds 300-700 Mbps in covered cities with compatible devices.
  • The network supports technologies for improved coverage and wider bandwidth.

So in summary, Telus provides broadband-caliber 4G LTE to virtually all of Canada along with growing 5G service in major centers, delivering strong and consistent speeds tailored for streaming, gaming, and mobile use, and it should be a great choice for your trip to Canada.

3. Telus Connectivity Options for Travelers to Canada

Telus offers a variety of connectivity options for travelers to Canada, depending on your needs and budget. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Feature Description
SIM Card Physical SIM required. Canadian number and data plans for extended/frequent Canada travel.
eSIM eSIM downloads, no card needed. Quick activation benefits.
Mobile Hotspot Portable hotspot creates WiFi for devices without cellular. Best for multiple devices and heavy data use.
Free Wi-Fi Free public WiFi but slow, unreliable. Budget travel option.

4. Best Telus SIM cards for tourists & costs

You can buy a Telus SIM card in Canada for ~ 11.12 USD and choose a suitable monthly plan from the options below:

Monthly Plans Approx. price (USD) Messages Local calls Data Approx. Total (USD)
Nationwide Talk & Text Plan $11 Unlimited SMS/MMS 100 minutes - $22
Nationwide Talk & Text Plan $18 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited - $25
Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan $25 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited 1 GB $37
Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan $33 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited 5 GB $44
Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan $40 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited 10 GB $51

If you need making calls or sending messages, the first two plans would be suitable for you. However, if you require internet access, and the ability to check work emails or stay connected on social media, it may be worth considering the next three plans. 

Note: If you tend to consume a lot of data, 1 - 10 GB for a month may not suffice. It's recommended to consider other options that can better suit your requirements.

5. Does Telus support eSIM in Canada?

Yes, Telus offers Telus eSIM activation. The eSIM activation fee is 15 CAD (~ US$11). Visitors can choose from the same plan options available for physical Telus SIM cards.

The Telus eSIM policies are the same as physical SIM, visitors can research plan details and prices listed earlier, and then complete instant eSIM activation remotely on eligible smartphones and tablets.

Telus supports eSIM activation on many newer iPhones and Android devices. You can check the Canada eSIM Compatible Devices List.

If you are looking for data-only plans, keep in mind that Telus doesn’t offer them currently.

6. Where can you buy a Telus SIM card and eSIM?

If you’re interested in getting a Telus SIM card, you can buy it at a Telus store, online, or at select convenience stores. Telus eSIM is readily available on their website or any Telus store in Canada if you want to get it now.

6.1. Where to buy a Telus SIM for Canada?

To obtain one Telus SIM card, here are some places to buy a Telus SIM card Canada:

  • Telus Stores – You can purchase SIM cards at Telus-branded retail stores located across Canada. Find a store near you here
Telus Store
Telus store
  • Telus Website – sells SIM cards that are shipped to your door, along with activation instructions. Options include starter kits for new numbers.
  • Big Box Stores – Major electronics retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and The Source often have Telus SIM cards available in-store.
  • Call Customer Service – Call 1-866-558-2273 to order a SIM card by phone and have it mailed out. A $10 fee may apply.
  • Authorized Dealers – Independent phone shops serving as Telus dealers also stock nano-SIM inventory for purchase and activation assistance.

So in summary, Telus SIM card Canada can conveniently be obtained either through Telus-run locations, major retailers partnering with Telus, or ordering online/over the phone for home delivery across Canada.

6.2. Where to buy a Telus eSIM in Canada?

The best place to buy a Telus eSIM is at the Telus website or eSIM provider. Below are some options for buying a Telus eSIM in Canada:

  • Telus website: You can purchase an eSIM from Telus online or by visiting a Telus retail store. They will help you activate the eSIM on your compatible device.
  • Online eSIM provider: Consider other eSIM providers for more affordable and flexible plans. offers 3-90 day plans with Telus network. You’ll get a QR code via email for immediate activation without waiting for shipping.
Canada eSIM plans

Keep in mind an eSIM will only work on newer iPhone or Android devices that support digital SIM cards. You’ll need to check your device compatibility before purchasing. Activating the eSIM also requires setting up a Telus phone plan.

Stay connected in Canada without hassle. Get affordable prepaid eSIM plans for your travel dates from Instant activation, no roaming fees – simply scan and you’re online with Canada’s best networks., affordable data plans, wallet-friendly prices

7. How to use Telus Canada SIM/eSIM in Canada?

To use Telus Canada SIM/eSIM you must have a compatible device and a Telus SIM card or Telus eSIM. Here are some steps to follow depending on your device and SIM type:

7.1. How to use a Telus SIM Card in Canada?

If you have a physical SIM card from Telus, you can insert it into your device’s SIM slot and activate it online or by calling Telus customer service:

  • Step 1: Call or go online to activate the SIM card.
  • Step 2: Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot in your phone.
  • Step 3: Turn on your device.
  • Step 4: Check for service. Make sure you have cellular connectivity by making a test call or checking for an LTE/HSPA data connection.

If you do not have an international card to use, you can buy separately a top-up card, that can be used as well.

7. 2. How to activate Telus eSIM?

The eSIM will work the same way. Purchase Telus eSIM online/offline, have it shipped to your address, and activate it by scanning the QR code on the voucher.

If you need assistance setting up an eSIM, a detailed guide is available for you to reference here.

8. Canada Telus Call & SMS rates

While you are in Canada, the domestic pay-per-use rates for Telus’ call and text messaging are as follows:

Call Data SMS MMS
0.59 USD - 2.23 USD/min 9.65 USD/100 MB 0.22 USD - 2.23 USD/SMS 0.22 USD/MMS

Telus strives to keep standard call and text rates low within Canada while providing options to control costs for international use through bundles and add-ons tailored to different needs.

9. Useful USSD Codes for Telus SIM/eSIM

Telus makes it easy for customers to check their prepaid balances anywhere – online, through the app, by phone, text, or in-person:

Method How to do
Ask Customer Service Call Telus customer service at 1-866-558-2273 to confirm your balance.Or call #123 and enter your 4-6 digit Security PIN, then press 1 to hear your balance.
Messages Text the word "BALANCE" or "SOLDE" to 333 and you'll get a text with your current balance.
Check MyTELUS Online Account Log into your Telus account online to view the balance prominently displayed on the Account Activity tab.
Check in the Telus App Open the Telus mobile app, log in, and your balance will be shown on the home screen.
Ask at a Telus Store Visit any Telus location and provide your number for an associate to check.

If you forget your Security PIN, you can reset it online through your My TELUS account by selecting Account activity then Change my Security PIN and entering a new 4-6 digit number.

You can check your balance online by logging into your My TELUS account or over the phone by calling #123 and entering your 4-6 digit Security PIN.

10. How to Top-up Telus SIM/eSIM

To top-up your Telus prepaid SIM card Canada, you can use a credit card, instant top-up, or a prepaid voucher. Here are some of the main ways to top-up your Telus SIM card:

Method How to do Lead Time
Online at Telus website Log into your account and pay with major credit/debit cards. Instant
Through the Telus App The mobile app allows topping up on the go with quick card payments. Instant
At a Telus Store Visit any Telus retail location and an associate can process top-ups with cash or card. Instant
At Participating Retailers Top-ups can be purchased with cash at major retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart. Instant
At Vending or Kiosk Machines Find standalone vending machines at places like airports. Within 5 mins
By Phone Call the top-up number listed on your SIM package and follow the prompts to use a card. Within 5 mins
By calling customer service Call #123 and enter your 4-6 digit Security PIN, then press 2, and follow the instructions. Instant
E-Transfer to Your Number Send an Interac e-Transfer to your 10-digit mobile number as payment. Within 5 mins
Prepaid voucher Visit Telus store, buy voucher with cash/debit. Call #123, enter 4-6 digit PIN, press 3, follow prompts. Instant

Note: Top-ups can be in amounts from CAD$10 up to CAD$100 typically. Funds are available right away to use for calls, texts, or data based on your active plan balance.

11.FAQs about Telus in Canada

Does Telus support eSIM?

Yes, Telus supports eSIM on many newer iPhones and select Android devices. You can activate an eSIM plan directly on your device without a physical SIM card.

What plans are available on eSIM?

Telus offers the same postpaid/prepaid plans for devices/data on eSIM as with physical SIM cards, including individual, family, and business plans.

Can I have a dual SIM with eSIM?

Yes, if your device supports it, you can have both a Telus eSIM activated along a physical nano-SIM from another carrier for dual network access.

How do I get a physical Telus SIM card Canada? 

SIM cards can be purchased online, from Telus stores, or from authorized dealers. Make sure to activate it within 30 days to begin service.

What size Telus Mobility SIM card for Canada does Telus use? 

Telus uses nano-SIM cards which are the smallest standard SIM size used in most newer phones. Adapters allow use in devices built for micro/mini SIMs. 

Can I switch between eSIM and physical SIM? 

Yes, you can contact Telus to deactivate your eSIM plan and insert a physical nano-SIM to move service or go the other way to use eSIM activation instead.

How do I verify eSIM activation? 

Log into your Telus account online or check your device settings to verify the eSIM profile has been successfully installed and your new service is active.

12. Final words

Telus has built strong 4G/5G networks across Canada. Their mobile plans offer convenient activation on compatible devices. Prices are multilingual online. Potential downsides are expensive fees and data caps. However, with good access and rates, Telus is a good choice for tourists overall.