This guide helps visitors choose the best wireless option in Canada. Rogers operates nationwide, offering physical SIM cards and digital eSIM profiles. Understanding Rogers’ coverage and setup prepares travelers to explore easily upon arrival. We are looking at getting Rogers SIM cards and eSIMs. Knowing these options in advance allows reliable mobile access for navigation, communication, and enjoyment during trips.


1. Quick facts about Rogers

Rogers is one of the “Big 3” wireless carriers in Canada, along with Bell and Telus. These three carriers dominate the market. They offer wireless service, internet, cable television, and other services to over 10 million customers across the country. Rogers operates its own nationwide 4G and 5G cellular networks, as well as several subsidiary brands such as Fido, Chatr, and Zoomer.

  • Founded: 1960
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Services: Wireless communication, cable television, telephony, and internet
  • Coverage: Operates across Canada
  • Customers: Over 10 million wireless subscribers, 2.5 million cable subscribers, and 2.8 million internet subscribers
  • Network: Canada’s largest 5G network, covering over 70% of the population, Extensive fiber-optic network
  • Brands: Rogers, Fido, Ignite TV, Citytv

2. Canada Rogers coverage and speed in Canada

Rogers has the best 5G network in Canada, covering 70% of the population and offering faster speeds than its rivals. Here are some key points about Rogers’ wireless coverage and speeds across Canada: 

2.1. Rogers Coverage in Canada


Rogers boasts a strong coverage presence in Canada, but it’s important to understand the nuances to assess if it’s the right fit for your needs. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Coverage: Rogers has widespread LTE coverage across major cities and along major highways/roads in Canada. It estimates its LTE network reaches over 99% of Canadians. Coverage in rural areas may be patchy.
  • Roaming coverage: In remote areas without Rogers towers, customers can roam on partner networks like SaskTel, and MTS in Manitoba. Roaming speeds are usually lower.
  • 5G coverage:  Rogers expanded 5G availability to 12.1% of the time and won the 5G Availability award. Continued growth. 5G download speed was fastest at 154.7 Mbps, 2nd behind Bell. Video experience on 5G was rated “Very Good”, clearly ahead of Bell and Telus.

Ultimately, the best way to determine if Rogers coverage suits your needs is to check the specific area you frequent most and compare it to other providers’ offerings. Remember, your individual needs and usage patterns should weigh heavily in your decision.

2.2. Rogers Speed


Based on these latest reports from Opensignal, Rogers has improved its 5G network experience in Canada, while Bell and Telus have maintained their lead in 4G network experience.

  • It dominated awards, ranking first in six out of seven categories for best 5G video, live video, game experience, upload speed and availability.
  • 4G performance was reliably strong with average speeds of 30-80Mbps in cities depending on location. Coverage remains nationwide.
  • Streaming performance on both 4G and 5G networks was solid, showing Rogers has made improvements to compete well on network experience.
  • Data availability improved with Rogers jointly leading at 98% coverage.
  • Plans can be expensive compared to regional carriers though coverage is reliable. Customer service ranks below average.

Overall, it seems that Rogers has invested heavily in its 5G network. Rogers may need to balance its network resources and improve its 4G experience to maintain its competitive edge in the Canadian market.

3. Rogers connectivity options for travelers to Canada

Rogers offers several connectivity options for travelers to Canada, depending on your needs and budget:

Option Description
eSIM A digital SIM for Canada that you can download and activate on your phone. No physical SIM card is needed.
Local SIM Card Physical SIM from Rogers - best rates for talk/text/data.

4. Best Rogers SIM Cards for tourist & cost

Rogers SIM cards in Canada cost around US$7 but may not be ideal for tourists. Their Pay As You Go and Prepaid Monthly plans for US$11/month provide unlimited domestic/U.S. calls and texts, making them better options for visitors to stay connected on Rogers’ reliable LTE network.

Plans Approx. Price (USD) Messages Talk Data Approx. Total (USD)
Talk & Text Plan $11 75 SMS 75 Canada-wide minutes - $19
Talk & Text Plan $19 Unlimited SMS 250 Canada-wide minutes - $26
Talk & Text Plan $26 Unlimited SMS 1000 Canada-wide minutes - $33
Talk & Text Plan $33 Unlimited SMS/MMS 500 minutes - $40
Talk & Text Plan $41 Unlimited SMS/MMS 50¢/minute for Canadian/U.S. long-distance calls - $48
Talk, Text & Data Plan $37 Unlimited SMS/MMS 100 minutes 500 MB $44
Talk, Text & Data Plan $48 Unlimited SMS/MMS 150 minutes 1 GB $55

Rogers Pay As You Go plans are more suitable for those who only need talk and text and have minimal data usage, as dropping out may occur. 

You can also consider selecting the Rogers Monthly Plan: 

Monthly Plans Approx. Price (USD) Messages Local calls Data Approx. Total (USD)
Nationwide Talk & Text Plan $11 Unlimited SMS/MMS 100 minutes - $22
Nationwide Talk & Text Plan $18 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited - $25
Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan $25 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited 1 GB $37
Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan $33 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited 5 GB $40
Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan $40 Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited 10 GB $51

When compared to Rogers Pay As You Go plans, Rogers Monthly Plans are more affordable for tourists, offer more data, and allow you to stay connected for almost 30 days. The prices are also a bit cheaper.

5. Does Rogers Canada support eSIM?

Yes, Rogers Canada offer eSIM service. You can activate a Rogers eSIM which downloads directly to supported iPhones and devices without a physical SIM. Only certain devices support eSIM activations. Check the eSIM Compatible Devices Lists to see if your device is eSIM capable. If it is, you can activate an eSIM on any in-market Rogers plan.

The price for eSIM is the same as for a regular Rogers SIM card, and all the plans available for a regular Rogers SIM card are compatible with eSIM. So check the two plans we mentioned earlier and pick the one that best suits your needs.

6. Where can you buy a Rogers SIM card and eSIM?

Here are some of the main places you can buy a Rogers SIM card or activate a Rogers eSIM:

6.1. Where to buy a Rogers SIM for Canada

Rogers Prepaid SIM card cannot be ordered online or website. Here are some common places where you can buy a Rogers SIM card in Canada:

  • Rogers retail stores: Visit any corporate or authorized Rogers stores to purchase starter SIM kits with the SIM pre-activated.
  • Major carriers stores: SIMs may also be available at other carrier stores like Bell, Telus, Fido, etc. as they sell Rogers services too.
  • Big-box stores: National chains like Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Best Buy sell Rogers prepaid SIM cards and starter kits.
  • Dollar stores: Dollarama, and Dollar Tree often stock low-priced Rogers PAYG SIM cards without bundled plans.
  • Convenience stores: Places like 7-Eleven, and Circle K sell Rogers Airtime Cards which include a SIM activation code.
  • Airport shops: Montreal-Trudeau International Airport and Calgary International Airport have Rogers kiosk. You can find Rogers at Montreal near gate 27 – a public area, and on the International Arrivals level at Calgary Airport.
rogers store
Rogers store

6.2. Where to buy Rogers eSIM

Here are a few options for buying a Rogers eSIM in Canada:

  • Rogers website: You can purchase an eSIM card by visiting a Rogers store. You can find Rogers store near you here
  • eSIM providers: Available online through the website.Various plan options as physical SIM. Convenient digital activation saves time upon arrival.
Canada eSIM plans

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7. How to activate Rogers Canada SIM/eSIM

The following provides an overview of the process for activating and employing a Rogers SIM/eSIM for cellular connectivity on their network.

7.1. How to use Rogers SIM Card

To activate a Pay As You Go plan, the activation process following steps:

  1. Step 1: Get a Rogers SIM card. (either from Rogers or third-party retailers).
  2. Step 2: Power on the SIM card by following the instructions.
  3. Step 3: Add funds/choose a PAYG plan.
  4. Step 4: Register SIM card details like IMEI number during activation.

7.2. How to set up and activate Rogers Canada eSIM

  1. Step 1:  Visit a Rogers store or make a call to activate a new line and request an eSIM Card
  2. Step 2: If you activated over the phone, once you receive your eSIM card in the mail, simply follow the on-device setup instructions to complete the setup.

Note: If you want detailed instructions for Rogers eSIM, you can check this link.

8. Canada Rogers Call & SMS rates

The call and SMS rates of Rogers in Canada vary depending on the plan and the destination of the communication. Here is some general information about the call & SMS rates of Rogers in Canada: 

Call Data SMS MMS
0.037 - 0.74 USD/min 0.037 USD/MB 0.19 - 0.56 USD/SMS 0.037 - 0.19 USD/MMS

9. Useful USSD Codes for Rogers Canada SIM/eSIM

Here are a few ways to check your Rogers balance in Canada:

Method How to do
Customer Service Dial *611 to check your balance.
Through the MyRogers App Log into MyRogers app. Select "Account Info" to see current balance.
On the Rogers Website Log into your Rogers account online. Under "Account", select "Account Balance"
Through Text Message Text "BAL" to 6366 and Rogers will text you back with your current balance.
Checking Recent Bills Check online account or recent bills for balance from last period.

If you have a Pay As You Go plan, you can check your balance and expiry date online or by dialing *225# (free). You can also use the MyRogers app to view your balance on the Billing tab. 

10. How to top-up Rogers Canada SIM/eSIM

Here are a few ways to top-up Rogers SIM cards: 

Method How to do Lead Time
Calling Customer Service  By dialing *611 from your phone or calling 1 800 575-9090, Agents can process card payments over the phone for the refill. Within 5 mins
Online via website Log in to your account on Rogers website and click "Refill Now" to pay with a credit/debit card. Instant
Through the MyRogers app Log in and select "Refill" then choose refill amount. Pay securely within the app. Instant
At Rogers store Visit any Rogers store location and pay cash/card to an associate. Within 5 mins
With Interac e-Transfer Send funds to [email protected] via your bank. Provide the SIM number in the message. Within 5 mins
At a third-party retailer Major retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart sell Rogers top-up vouchers for cash. Scratch off the card for the PIN. Within 5 mins
With automatic monthly refills Set up a recurring credit card payment for a monthly auto-refill amount. Instant
With Wireless Refill Cards Purchase scratch cards online/in-store. Scratch for PIN and text it to 393939. Within 5 mins
Top-up Pay As You Go Via IVR 1-800-575-9090, online, or dial *611 on your device. If you top up through the call center, a $2 fee will apply. Instant

11. FAQs about Rogers in Canada

What plans are available on Rogers eSIM? 

Rogers offers the same postpaid and prepaid wireless plans on eSIM that are available with physical SIM cards. This includes shared plans, by-the-gig prepaid options, and device financing plans.

How do I get a physical Rogers SIM card Canada? 

You can request a SIM kit online or purchase one from a Rogers store. Make sure you activate it within 30 days by contacting customer care.

Can I switch back from Rogers eSIM to physical SIM? 

Yes, you can deactivate the eSIM plan and insert a physical Rogers SIM card to move the service. Contact support for assistance.

Can I get an eSIM from Rogers?

Yes, Rogers offers eSIM support for some newer devices. You can activate an eligible Rogers postpaid plan on a supported iPhone or Android eSIM through your online account without a physical SIM card.

Is eSIM free on Rogers?

The price for eSIM is the same as for a regular Rogers SIM card, and all the plans available for a regular Rogers SIM card are compatible with eSIM.

Does Rogers email eSIM?

For supported devices, Rogers does offer the option to email an eSIM profile file that can be scanned for activation, providing a contactless setup process. The device must support eSIM activation via QR code scanning.

12. Final words 

Rogers offers tourists cellular options in Canada via eSIM or physical SIM cards available at airports and cities. Prepaid plans have data limits, so heavy users may incur fees. Coverage may be sporadic outside cities, but activation is simple with appropriately priced prepaid rates. Rogers makes connectivity while traveling in Canada suitable via coverage and self-service activation options.