Thinking of visiting Montreal? Get a local prepaid SIM for affordable calls, texts, and data without roaming fees. We’ve compared plans from major and smaller carriers to help choose the right international package for your needs. A Montreal SIM allows budget-friendly connectivity while exploring the city and attractions.

How to Buy A SIM Card in Montreal

I. Which Mobile Operator is The Best in Montreal?

Cellular coverage is robust between major cities in the Quebec region. The major networks – Bell, Telus, Rogers, and Videotron – provide reliable service along the Ottawa-Gatineau to Montreal and Quebec City corridor. Consistent coverage exists in Montreal with no significant dead zones. Signals stay strong heading south to Sherbrooke or east to Quebec City.

Here are the three main carriers in Canada also in Montreal and regional carrier Videotron to consider:

Operator Coverage Price range for SIM card (USD) Pros Cons eSIM available?
Bell Excellent downtown and island coverage, weaker suburbs and rural. $30-80 Nationwide coverage. Large phones. Good service. Nationwide coverage. Wide phone choice. Reliable network. Yes
Telus Very good coverage city-wide including 5G/LTE. $20-50 Nationwide coverage. Reliable network. Plans can be expensive. Less coverage than Bell and Rogers. Yes
Rogers Decent but not as strong as Telus or Bell, with medium 4G/LTE speeds. $20-40 Nationwide coverage. Consistent performance. Plans pricey. Customer service issues. Yes
Videotron Regional provider, 4G/5G in Montreal, fair coverage not as widespread. $20-50 for a SIM with prepaid plans. Most affordable plans. Good coverage in Quebec. Coverage limited to Quebec only. Smaller phone selection. No

Bell and Telus are known for great coverage in Montreal. Videotron also good. 4G LTE and 5G are widely available in the city but coverage may decline farther out. See WhistleOut for more details on Montreal coverage.

II. Best Montreal SIM Card and Cost

Some of the best SIM card options and their costs for using a phone in Montreal, Canada:

  • Bell Mobility – Plans start around $25-70 per month for unlimited nationwide minutes, texting, and 6GB-150GB of data. Runs on Bell’s network and requires 2-year contracts.
  • Rogers – Monthly plans from US$11-40 with unlimited SMS/MMS, local calls, and data from 1GB-10GB. SIM Card costs 15 CAD (~US$11)
  • Telus – Similar to Rogers. Monthly plans from US$11-40 with unlimited local calls and messages.
  • Public Mobile – Starting at $25/month for unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data. They run on Telus’ network. No contract required.
  • Fido – Plans start at $40/month for unlimited talk and text with 3GB of data. Runs on Rogers’ network. Requires a 1-2 year contract.
  • Lucky Mobile – Monthly plans from $25-40 with various data allowances from 500MB-6GB. Uses Bell’s network. No contracts.
  • Chatr Mobile – $40/month for unlimited nationwide talk and text with 5GB of data. Uses Rogers’ network infrastructure. No contracts.

So in summary, Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile, or Freedom Mobile have some of the most affordable SIM-only options in Calgary without long-term contracts. Just check network coverage for your specific needs.

III. Where To Buy SIM Cards In Calgary?

Buying an eSIM or SIM card in Montreal lets you get mobile data and call services easily during your visit to Montreal. This helps us stay in touch all the time.

1. Getting a SIM Card At the Montreal Airport

Calgary International Airport has phone stores near arrivals that target travelers with data plans. Here are some key options for buying a SIM card Montreal at Montreal Airport:

  • Rogers/Fido – You can purchase SIM cards upon arrival at Montreal Airport. The Rogers kiosk in International Arrivals next to Gate 27, offers phones, plans, and Rogers/Fido SIMs. Both provide connectivity on one of Canada’s most reliable networks upon landing in Montreal.
  • The Source – The Source at Montreal airport offers prepaid SIMs from major Canadian carriers like Rogers, Fido, and Bell. Located post-security, SIMs can be purchased and activated upon arrival. Plans range from pay-as-you-go to monthly. A passport may be required for activation.
  • Chatr – The Chatr kiosk in International Arrivals offers no-contract plans and phones. It’s near Door 26.

For convenience, kiosks and mobile shops within the airport provide the quickest SIM card Montreal access upon arrival. Alternatively, you can visit carrier stores beyond security for assistance activating plans.

Rogers kiosk at Montreal airport
Rogers kiosk at Montreal airport

2. Getting A Prepaid SIM Card In Montreal

Some good options for where to buy a physical SIM card Montreal in downtown Montreal include:

  • Mobile carrier stores – Major carriers like Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Videotron have their stores scattered throughout Montreal. They offer Montreal SIM card prepaid.
  • Canada Computers – This tech retailer has several stores in Montreal that sell Montreal SIM cards from all the major carriers. They can help activate them as well.
  • Mobile shops – Places like Wireless Wave, Plug n Wave, and Mobile Klinik are independent mobile phone shops that stock Montreal SIM cards.
  • Convenience stores – Larger stores like Couche-Tard/Circle K sell no-name PAYG SIM cards for basic calls/texts.
  • Mall kiosks – Shopping centers like Fairview Pointe-Claire and Carrefour Laval have kiosks selling SIMs.
  • Supermarkets – Larger IGA and Metro locations sometimes stock SIM starter kits near the customer service counter.

For central locations, Canada Computers in downtown Montreal or mobile carrier stores at major transportation hubs like Bonaventure Metro are most convenient. Having your passport handy may be required for ID validation.

Videotron in Montreal
Videotron in Montreal

IV. eSIM for Montreal travelers – A Smart Alternative

Canada eSIM plans

Here are some key benefits of using eSIM in Montreal:

  • Convenient activation: No need to insert a physical SIM card. eSIM allows digital activation of cellular plans directly from your device’s settings.
  • Switch carriers easily: You can easily change cellular providers without having to swap a physical SIM card. This allows you to choose the best carrier deal.
  • Travel seamlessly: If you travel outside of the country, eSIM allows your existing cellular plan to easily activate international roaming. You can also purchase short-term travel plans digitally.
  • Built-in device security: eSIM eliminates the risk of losing or damaging your SIM card. Your cellular service is tied to your device, not a physical card.
  • Supports dual-SIM functionality: On devices that support dual-SIM mode, eSIM allows both a physical SIM and eSIM to be active at once for different numbers/plans on the same device.
  • Environmental friendly: As there’s no physical card, eSIM eliminates plastic and electronic waste associated with SIM cards.

Downloading an eSIM before visiting Montreal ensures hassle-free connectivity upon arrival. Depending on your data needs, budget, and travel duration, you can choose the best eSIM plan for your trip to Montreal.

Leave your physical SIM behind
Travel light with a digital SIM from!

V. Things To Prepare When Buying SIM Cards In Montreal

Here are some key things to prepare when buying SIM card Montreal:

  • Valid ID: You may need to show a valid passport or driver’s license to verify your identity for activation.
  • Device details: Know your device’s make/model, IMEI/MEID number, and carrier compatibility for activation.
  • Intended usage: Decide if you need a pay-as-you-go plan or monthly contract based on call/data needs.
  • Data preferences: Choose the right data package size (500MB, 1GB, etc) based on the intended usage for apps, streaming, etc.
  • Contact list: Have contacts saved somewhere accessible if transferring information to a new SIM card Montreal.
  • Carrier selection: Research network coverage in Calgary and best rates from carriers like Rogers, Bell, and Telus.
  • Activation requirements: Understand if a carrier requires online activation, store visits, and contact details for account management.
  • Payment method: Make sure to have a credit card, debit card, or cash to pay for SIM costs and first-month services if needed.
Various SIM Cards in Montreal
Various SIM Cards in Montreal

VI. Tips & Recommendation

As someone who has explored the charm of Montreal and navigated its mobile connectivity scene, here are some tips for tourists buying SIM card Montreal:

  • Consider data-only SIMs/eSIM – If using WiFi a lot, a data-only eSIM or physical SIM card Montreal is cheaper than talk/text plans you may not need.
  • Check for tourist plans – Providers often offer short-term plans tailored for travelers lasting 1-2 weeks that include data packages.
  • Buy from retailers too – In addition to the airports, major cell providers have retail stores in Montreal where you can BYOD or buy cheap burner phones.
  • Consider prepaid refills – If staying long-term, refillable prepaid SIM cards are more flexible than fixed-length tourist plans.
  • Store abroad contacts first – Sync your contacts online before traveling so you can access them before having local numbers saved.
  • Research eSIM availability – If your device supports it, consider a digital eSIM which is more convenient than a physical SIM.
  • Ensure coverage for day trips – Make sure the network covers areas you may visit outside Montreal like Quebec City, Ottawa, etc.

Remember, prices and plans can change quickly, so do some final research before making your purchase.

Bonus tip:If you're staying short-term and won't need much data, consider using public Wi-Fi networks available at cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

VII. FAQs about SIM card Montreal

Can I buy a SIM card at the Montreal airport?

Yes, you can purchase prepaid SIM cards upon arrival at Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Stands for the major carriers like Rogers and Fido are located after customs in both the domestic and international terminals.

Which carriers offer eSIM options in Montreal?

The main carriers that offer eSIM profiles for use in Montreal are Rogers, Fido, and Videotron. You’ll need an eSIM-compatible device to activate an eSIM plan from these providers.

Which carriers offer eSIM options in Montreal?

The main carriers that offer eSIM profiles for use in Montreal are Rogers, Fido, and Videotron. You’ll need an eSIM-compatible device to activate an eSIM plan from these providers.

Do I need to provide identification to buy a SIM card Montreal?

Yes, Canadian laws require that prepaid SIM card Montreal purchasers provide a photo ID such as a passport to combat fraud and criminal use. You may need to complete a short registration process as well.

Can I use my SIM card Montreal in other parts of Canada?

Yes, prepaid SIMs purchased in Montreal will work across Canada and provide the same included minutes, texts, and data allowance. Just be aware of roaming charges if traveling outside the provider’s home zone.

What payment methods can I use to buy a SIM card?

Most SIM vendors accept credit/debit cards as well as cash (Canadian dollars). Some airport locations may also accept international cards with a pin. Check on specific vendor policies.

VIII. Conclusion

In Montreal, major carriers like Bell, Telus, Rogers offer SIM cards and eSIMs on their reliable LTE networks. Prepaid MVNOs like Public Mobile and Chatr are more affordable since they run on Telus and Rogers networks. eSIMs make it easy for international visitors to connect. Getting a SIM card or eSIM is a good way for travelers to Montreal to save money on connectivity through Canada’s strong LTE networks.